About Us

Lifespan is passionate about making high quality health products.

Lifespan is India’s largest manufacturer of nutraceuticals, herbal, ayurvedic and personal care products. Our manufacturing facility is built according to USFDA standards and we follow GMP regulations to ensure that our products are pure, safe and effective .

Lifespan differentiates itself from its competitors through a diverse product line. High quality ingredients are used in the products while adhering to strict quality measures during the manufacturing process. At lifespan, our ideology is to always make natural products of high quality, which fulfill the customers’ needs.

We work in teams and take pride in the way we work and manage every aspect of our business. Right from sourcing to manufacturing and quality control, we work meticulously to ensure that the products are what they are intended to be. Lifespan also makes customized products based on customers’ needs.